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FrugalMonkey is primarily a travel website, focused on delivering discount travel information. But you may have noticed that we also dedicate a few pages to those of you who like the idea of a working vacation. Maybe you’ve seen our pages about working abroad? Resort and cruise ship jobs; teaching English abroad; and working in […]

There are a lot of people interested in working abroad but don’t know where to start looking for information. FrugalMonkey has an entire section on working abroad in order to give travelers and students the right start into one of the most exciting endeavors they are likely to experience. Working abroad isn’t the easiest transition […]

Hundreds of travelers are teaching English to prolong their stay abroad. If you’re interested in traveling but are worried about having enough money to make your trip worthwhile, consider working abroad.  Working abroad allows you to live in a different country, experience the culture, travel, make money and prolong your stay. The only catch is […]

It might sound too good to be true, but it isn’t. Or rather, it isn’t too good to be true if you simply know where to look. The cost of living is one of the largest factors sending people home while they are living or working abroad. The cost of rent, maintaining a tight travel […]

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