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Welcome to FrugalMonkey’s official blog. FrugalMonkey is one of the best online resources for budget travelers, travel enthusiasts and eager wayfarers who are looking for travel deals and related information on a budget.

FrugalMonkey provides the latest travel information regarding travel packages, working abroad, resources for travelers as well as travel advice from experts specifically organized by country.

Too often travelers end up over-paying because they aren’t informed about travel deals and ways in which to travel cheaply or on a specific budget. Finding low airfares, hotels, hostels, rental cars and vacations isn’t always easy, which is why FrugalMonkey does the hard work for you. By providing access to cruise ship vacation packages, low air fares, work abroad information and other travel resources, FrugalMonkey could be considered a traveler’s most important travel accessory (second only to a map and backpack of course).

Online location guides to popular travel locations such as:

Expert advice is available free to help travelers plan the best vacation and travel experience possible. FrugalMonkey editors are constantly monitoring travel sites, country profiles, air fare deals, travel industry fluctuations and job opportunities abroad to update travel information so that FrugalMonkey can provide information that is current for travelers.

New country information and travel deals are constantly being added to the large library of FrugalMonkey information so that travelers can find the latest travel deals and information right away.

This blog highlights the newest and most popular travel information available within FrugalMonkey. Each week, new information regarding travel deals and prices will be updated along with travel tips and information. For the ambitious and long term traveler this blog will be an excellent resource for new work abroad opportunities as well as providing pertinent information and resources for expatriates who are currently traveling or living abroad.

By leaving comments, passing along travel tips and offering advice, the FrugalMonkey blog allows travelers using this same resource to pass along helpful information to one another within a community of like minded and travel-eager vacationers. With this blog and FrugalMonkey itself, practically no travel related subject falls to the wayside. It’s all here and it’s all free – an even greater testament to the budget friendly ways of FrugalMonkey!

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