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There are a lot of people interested in working abroad but don’t know where to start looking for information.

FrugalMonkey has an entire section on working abroad in order to give travelers and students the right start into one of the most exciting endeavors they are likely to experience.

Working abroad isn’t the easiest transition by any means. It requires, by definition, living in a different country (away from family and friends), working in an atmosphere you don’t know and aren’t accustomed to and many times involves speaking a language you aren’t comfortable with. On top of this, working abroad often times means leaving a job you already have, a college you love attending and the comforts of home. You might be asking yourself why people even choose to work abroad if it means undergoing all of these difficult transitions. The answer is simple: people choose to work and live abroad because it gives them experiences, memories and work tools that are impossible to gain through any other course of life. Most people often find that while the initial transition involves a difficult adjustment, living abroad turns into one of the best experiences of your life. Travel, studying, working and living as an expatriate is something only a small number of people experience and is undoubtedly something 100% of those people label as invaluable. So how do you get started initiating this amazing life change? FrugalMonkey has a great deal of info pointing you in the right direction. Read on!

Working abroad usually encompasses more than just jobs you can acquire overseas, but it also includes volunteering abroad as well. FrugalMonkey has a wealth of information on how to procure volunteer jobs abroad where you can earn college credits or satisfy graduate school requirements. Additionally you can find out how to fulfill your desire to help others and learn a new language while doing so. Volunteering is an excellent way to experience your time abroad. It provides you with an amazing experience while exposing you to aspects of life abroad you would otherwise never see. It’s a popular and important consideration when thinking about traveling or living abroad.

Aside from volunteering a lot of students choose to switch roles with their college professors and teach English abroad. Teaching English is a popular job for expatriates of all ages. The countries of South America and Asia are extremely popular for travelers who want to teach English. Native speakers in these continents are eager to learn English and there are many venues in which native English-speakers can procure jobs teaching.

It is important to research the certificates and ways in which to do so while you’re living abroad, but with the popularity of English-teaching programs, finding a job teaching English usually doesn’t take very long at all. It is a great job to have while working abroad, a great way to make friends and a wonderful way to earn money and prolong your stay.

If volunteering or teaching English doesn’t strike your fancy then consider some of the more non-traditional jobs that will allow you to work abroad. You can always be cavalier and move to a foreign country without already having a job. Using venues such as Craigslist of job finders, there are certain to be a handful of jobs perfect for your liking. Or, FrugalMonkey suggests looking into cruise ship jobs or resort jobs. Living abroad temporarily or during a high tourist season in jobs such as these means that you can work, have your accommodations paid for and earn extra money all while experiencing life overseas. With so many options to consider, you should feel excited about the experiences awaiting you in your new job abroad! Good luck!

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