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We might be past Hump Day, but the weekend still feels like it’s a lifetime away. You might not have a great getaway planned to escape the real world, but you can fantasize about one with these awesome travel blogs and excellent tourism articles. A Little Story … The Origins of Chocolate and Effects of […]

It’s Hump Day, so chances are you’re mindlessly surfing the internet looking for anything more interesting than the work you’re supposed to be doing. Never fear, Frugal Monkey’s latest web wrap is here! Read on to discover the travel blogs and articles that are well worth reading! The Wonders of Ravenna @ Velvet Escape – […]

When the slog of the working week gets you down, it’s easy to fantasize about getting away from it all by browsing When the slog of the working week gets you down, it’s easy to fantasize about getting away from it all by browsing through some of the best travel websites online. That’s definitely what […]

With the United States celebrating its independence today, it makes sense to look at the great travel destinations in our own backyard with our latest Web Wrap. It’s often most affordable to travel interstate rather than venturing abroad after all! Read on to discover the local blogs and homegrown stories we’ve loved online in the […]

Have we really passed the half-way point of the year already? 2013 might be flying by, but it’s worth pausing to take a look at some of the great travel articles and blogs that have turned our heads recently. Best Tips Camping Paris @ SoulTravelers3 – A stay in Paris needn’t cost you a fortune […]

With the weather warming up, we’re all spending less time online and more time enjoying the sunshine. But that’s no excuse for failing to check in with some of the best travel blogs and articles online. So you don’t need to spend hours wading through them, we’ve rounded up some of the best. Hostelling with […]

As we haul ourselves to the end of the working week, we can’t help daydreaming about a getaway. We’d much rather be sunning ourselves on a tranquil beach or hiking a majestic mountain range than facing another nine to five. If you have itchy feet too, look to these great travel blogs and articles for […]

As we race towards Easter, it’s the perfect time to stop and reflect on the world around us. And for us here at Frugal Monkey, that means taking a look at some fabulous travel blogs! Read on to discover what’s made our latest Web Wrap! Available Light @ Canada’s Adventure Couple – Deb and Dave […]

You read Frugal Monkey because you know it’s a great source of information about traveling on a budget. So we thought you may be interested in some of the other websites who provide valuable information about frugal tourism. Feast your eyes on the following online gems we’ve recently found. The Goldilocks Number: Why $50 a […]

When we think of haggling, most of us imagine talking a street vendor down on his kitschy souvenirs. But a trip to the markets isn’t your only opportunity to secure the best prices. Increasing numbers of tourists in the know are shunning traditional accommodation websites for new sites that encourage users to haggle for the […]