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You read Frugal Monkey because you know it’s a great source of information about traveling on a budget. So we thought you may be interested in some of the other websites who provide valuable information about frugal tourism. Feast your eyes on the following online gems we’ve recently found.

  • The Goldilocks Number: Why $50 a Day is Just Right @ Nomadic Matt – Spending just $50 a day on a vacation that doesn’t cut corners sounds like a pipe dream, but blogger Nomadic Matt assures us it can be done. He explains his budget, which includes travel insurance and a decent backpack, in his new book How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. This blog article gives you a taste of his frugal travel philosophy.
  • Johnny Vagabond – He began his life as Wes Nations, a mild-mannered American who’d turned 39 more times than anyone should. But now he’s Johnny Vagabond, a gray nomad who’s decided you’re never too old to see the world. The blog documents Johnny’s adventures as he circles the globe until his money runs out. We love Johnny’s informative product reviews and his colourful and crazy travel stories!
  • Dealing with Long Flights @ The Aussie Nomad – As he hails from the land Down Under, The Aussie Nomad knows a thing or two about long flights. Even if you aren’t strapping in for a 24-hour journey, you’ll find his tips for dealing with air travel useful. From selecting the right seat to sorting your entertainment, this guide has some great advice for jetsetters.
  • 2 Backpackers – If you’re heading to South America, make sure you stop by 2 Backpackers first. This informative site tells us that Rio isn’t the only place to celebrate Carnival and that some of the tastiest drinks in Latin America are non-alcoholic. Who knew?
  • Rerunaround – Shawn serves up travel advice with a social conscience in his blog Rerunaround. You don’t need to have an interest in volunteering to appreciate the site, but his fascinating stories of helping communities in The Philippines and Haiti give his blog a real point of difference.

Neon internet cafeWe’d love to know your opinion of these great travel websites. Feel free to suggest any other online destinations you think we need to visit!

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