Frugal Monkey’s Web Wrap – 11 April 2013

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As we haul ourselves to the end of the working week, we can’t help daydreaming about a getaway. We’d much rather be sunning ourselves on a tranquil beach or hiking a majestic mountain range than facing another nine to five. If you have itchy feet too, look to these great travel blogs and articles for inspiration.

  • Best Places to Find Free Entertainment and Cultural Activities in Hawaii @ Go Visit Hawaii – Frugal travellers often resist the lure of Hawaii’s beaches because the tropical state has a reputation for being expensive. However the Go Visit Hawaii blog assures us there are plenty of places in the state to find free entertainment and soak up some local country. We love the way the article clearly lists free attractions from each of the most popular islands.
  • Hole in the Donut – Don’t make us pick just one recent entry that’s wowed us. Frankly everything about this blog makes us want to pack our bags, whether it’s Barbara Weibel’s photos of French artisan cheeses or her tale of leaving behind a successful but soul-sucking career to go backpacking.
  • Jaipur – The Pink City @ Go Backpacking – We love the images of Jaipur in this informative article. The rosy Hawa Mahal and half-submerged Jal Mahal look especially impressive, and we’re sure they’re even better in person. It seems there are enough historical sites in Jaipur to entertain any frugal traveler. After all, it’s often free or close to free to visit such landmarks! This is definitely a city we want to discover more about.
  • Uncornered Market – If your dream destination is one you haven’t discovered yet, Uncornered Market is worth checking out. Rather than visiting popular tourist hotspots, husband and wife team Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott prefer exploring underappreciated offbeat locations. Recent posts showing some major love to New Zealand will inspire you to visit the Land of the Long White Cloud.
  • Free and Affordable Foodie Experiences in the Napa Valley @ Peter – The Napa Valley is another destination that frugal travelers usually give a wide berth. While the Michelin-star restaurants and high-priced vineyards can drain your finances quickly, Peter Greenberg alerts us to some more money-savvy options that are just as delicious. The thought of Solbar’s slow-roasted pig shoulder, which is made for sharing at $38, is making us drool.
  • Neon_Internet_Cafe_open_24_hoursCelebrating a Greek Easter: Candles & Fireworks @ Europe UpClose – Ruth Kozak reminds us that Easter isn’t all bunnies and chocolate eggs with her look at the Greek traditions alive on the island of Patmos. Now this is a place we want to celebrate the holidays!

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