The Philippines is a mecca for bargain hungry shoppers. It doesn’t have the prestigious reputation of shopping capitals like Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Paris, but it that only makes it more affordable for frugal travelers. In this article we’ll tell you where to shop, and how to get the best deals. Baclaran is great for […]

If you want your yen to go further in Japan, you shouldn’t miss the country’s 100 Yen shops. There are several different 100 Yen store chains in Japan, including Daiso, Watts, Seria, and Cando. Each one offers a hodge-podge of products, all selling for the bargain price of just 100 yen. That’s only a little […]

Melbourne is considered Australia’s fashion capital, but it’s easy to spend a fortune while shopping for that new season wardrobe on exclusive Chapel Street and the Bourke Street Mall. Travelers on a budget needn’t miss out on the goods though. The Victorian capital has many funky clothing stores just made for frugal travelers. Vintage shopping […]

The Chinese city of Shanghai is made for tourists who want to shop ’til they drop. Most of them will flock to the well-known shopping strips on Nanjing Road, Yuyuan Shopping City, and Huaihai Road. But you’ll find more interesting souvenirs and save some money for the rest of your Shanghai trip if you take […]

March is here, which means students and educators everywhere are anxiously eying the calendar, counting down the days until a much deserved week break. By this time, most people have booked their spring break travel plans, either close to home or in a far, far off land with sun and sea. No matter what you do over break, here are some tips for not “breaking the bank” and having to take on a part-time job to pay down your credit card bill from one week of revelry. With a little vigilance, you can have a great time while not spending excessively.

We all know that counterfeit goods are bad, but those affordable handbag copies and super-cheap pirated DVDs hawked in Asian marketplaces are mighty tempting. While we’d never encourage loading up your suitcase with these faux products, if you can’t help yourself we suggest frequenting the following cheap and cheerful shopping centers. Thailand is the king […]

A tailored suit is one of life’s luxuries that those of us on a budget can rarely experience. But if you’re planning a trip to Asia, there’s no better time to indulge. Tailors in cities around the continent can create fully lined suits in your choice of fabric for a fraction of the price you’ll […]

Vietnam is a country of extremes, with bustling cities and quiet rural villages. Somewhere in the middle you’ll find Hoi An, a small city on Vietnam’s south central coast which enjoys the best of both worlds. Hoi An is the place to come if you want to experience cosmopolitan Vietnam without the traffic or the […]

Many Asian locations are about the culture and rich history, but not Hong Kong. A visit to this thoroughly modern country is simply an excuse to spoil yourself! Get yourself into holiday mode with a trip to The Oriental Spa at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental. Measuring a whopping 2300 meters square, it’s not surprising to […]

When you think fashion destinations you probably think of Paris, Milan, and New York, right? But those big names are so yesterday. If you want to return home with a swag of stuff no one else is wearing, consider a fashionable shopping spree in Auckland, New Zealand. Many Kiwi labels are making a name for […]