JetAmerica Introduces Flights as Cheap as $9 a Seat

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Just when you thought travel couldn’t get any cheaper. It does. JetAmerica just released a statement saying that it will begin focusing on flights that some of the bigger carriers have left behind, or no longer provide. Starting July 13, a number of nonstop passenger flights will be offered (as many as 34!) to places such Toledo, Ohio; South Bend, Indiana; Melbourne, Florida and a number of others. Midsize cities such as Lansing have seen a decrease in flights offered from major carriers, so as a result, JetAmerica plans to fill that void. While the move will cost the airline millions, cheap flights will be provided to passengers in the form of $9 seats! Other seats will be as much as $199, but all things considered – that is still one heck of a deal.

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