Low Fares to Latin America

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Although consumers continue to keep an eye out for rising travel prices, they just continue to stay enjoyably low even as we approach Labor Day.

And although the follow airfares won’t help you out much for the upcoming long weekend, feast your eyes on amazing airfares to Latin American destinations like Mexico and South America for September and October!

Continental Airlines has released some incredible fares from around the United States to a number of destinations in Latin America. If you book within the next two weeks you might be able to manage a very affordable and enjoyable fall or winter vacation. Keep in mind that in places like Rio de Janeiro, Brazil or Buenos Aires, Argentina have opposing seasons to the United States. This means while you’re struggling to stay warm during the holiday season, someone else is lounging beach side with a cocktail in hand. Not to shabby, huh?

Fly from New York to Rio for only $480 round trip, or if you’re coming from LA, pay only $735 for a ticket to South America. Other great deals offered by Continental include Denver to San Jose, Costa Rica for only $285 round trip or the same flight leaving from San Francisco at only $360 per adult. These are some truly amazing flights with some truly amazing vacations on the other end! Be sure to plan your beach vacation soon and enjoy some amazing flight deals.

Perhaps you’ve been waiting for the perfect summer deal to take advantage of a trip to Cancun, Mexico. Wait no longer. Air Tran has unveiled some fall deals that are so good it will make your head spin! Only $79 each way from the US and you can enjoy the surf and sand in Mexico while your colleagues deal with balance sheets and staff meetings. Just remember, before you go to consult FrugalMonkey’s free online travel guides-the best way to experience safe and affordable travel around the world.

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