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Learn how to book cheap airfares and save money on flights using these tactics.

If you don’t have to worry about last minute travel headaches and have plenty of time to book your trip, then consider some of FrugalMonkey’s tips on how to book airfare cheaply and efficiently.

When you have the time to book your flight ahead of schedule you can pick flights that leave on days of the week that are cheaper to fly. One of the best ways to reduce flight costs is to simply book on the right day. Flights that leave on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday tend to cost more then flights that take place earlier in the week. It’s true. A domestic flight that departs on a Friday can be as much as $70 more than the same flight that departs on a Tuesday. Save money on airfare by arranging your flights to correspond with cheaper flying days and enjoy the savings.

Another way to book cheap flights is to take advantage of online consolidators. These websites allow you to pick your flights based on the carrier who offers the cheapest trip. By putting in your destination and arrival city, consolidators search popular airlines carriers and allow you to pick the cheapest or most convenient trip. It’s a great way to save on flights and travel costs. By booking the cheapest possible flight you can use the money you saved on more exciting parts of your vacation. Consolidators are simply a great way to procure cheap airfare. Many of these sites even now offer travelers good cancellation policies and refunds when problems arise, making these sites not only a cheap way to book air fares, but a safe way to do so.

There are other ways in which you can book cheap flights as well. Simply being ‘in the know’ will save you hundreds of dollars when it comes to booking flights throughout the year. If you subscribe to travel alerts and travel newsletters you will receive updates when there are discounts on specific airlines.

Booking your flight when there is a discount or vacation package offered doesn’t have to be a stroke of good luck, but can be part of your travel strategy as a whole. By knowing when to purchase flights and by taking advantage of travel deals you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, over the course of the year.

Also consider saving money by purchasing all of your flights on a credit card that earns you miles. This is especially true for frequent flyers. If you travel often or even if you only go on a few big trips each year, consider the discounts you will receive if you sign up for frequent flyer miles. By using previous travel expenses to earn yourself a free flight you’ve essentially saved the cost of an entire airline ticket. This is a great and smart way to efficiently book airfares and save money.

Similarly, if you happen to fly with one airline more frequently than another look into flight programs within that carrier. For example, Southwest Airlines will give you a free flight if you book 7 flights with them over the course of a year. This is just another simple way to save money on flights and to minimize your travel costs.

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