Australian travel

When tourists think of Australia they think of three words: sun, surf, and sand. And it’s not hard to see why.. Not only are Australia’s beaches beautiful, they’re also free for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re learning to surf or lazing about, it’s easy to spend a few days soaking up the atmosphere. However there […]

It doesn’t cost a lot to get cultured in Sydney. Entry to most art galleries in the Australian tourist center is free! Some of Australia’s most famous artworks are housed in the Art Gallery of New South Wales, including pieces from 19th and 20th century masters Grace Cossington Smith, Sidney Nolan, and Russell Drysdale. The […]

The fast-paced energy of Sydney can daunt some tourists. But if you want to save cash in the New South Wales capital, resist the urge to simply jump in a taxi. The city has several affordable, and even free, transport options. When staying right in the heart of Sydney, the free CBD shuttle bus is […]

When spending time in Australia’s big cities, it can be tempting to enjoy boozy nights out at the pubs and clubs, and spend the next day nursing the hangover. If you’d prefer to sweat out the alcohol though, there are some wonderful jogging paths just waiting for you to explore. When you’re in Sydney, head […]

Rooftop bars first became popular in Miami, Florida, but these days they’re popping up all over the world. Now Australia has gotten in on the act with the launch of Lilo at the top of the Rydges Plaza in Cairns, north Queensland. Lilo makes the most of the warm weather that Queensland’s top end is […]

When thinking of up-market vacation destinations, few people think of Queensland’s Gold Coast. It’s got a reputation for cheap plastic souvenirs, action-packed theme parks, and rowdy high school graduates. But there’s a much classier side of the Gold Coast to be discovered at Surfer’s Paradise’s more sophisticated cousin, Broadbeach. Broadbeach is an easy hour’s drive […]

Australia is known as one of the best surfing spots in the world, hosting major pro championships on the Gold Coast and Bells Beach. While these breaks grab the headlines, New South Wales locals prefer the more laidback atmosphere of the Cronulla Coast, just outside Sydney. The Cronulla Beaches National Surfing Reserve features seven neighboring […]

Ten years ago, Sydney Olympic Park was a hive of activity as elite athletes from around the world competed for gold and glory. The Olympics may be long gone, but the Australian park has barely slowed down. These days it’s home to a variety of events and activities designed to get your blood pumping. One […]

Australians regularly combine their love of sport with their thirst for betting with some wacky animal sporting races. We’ve looked at the Camel Cup in Alice Springs and cane toad races in Queensland, but it seems New South Wales has the market cornered with three unusual animal races. In the big smoke of Sydney they’ve […]

It might be a world away from Forks, Washington, but if you want to be spooked in Australia head to Melbourne. Stephanie Meyer didn’t set her Twilight novels here, but she easily could have. After all, with more rain and clouds than any other city in Oz it’s certainly gloomy enough. Add plenty of gothic […]