Stay Safe on Australian Beaches – Sharks, Sunburn, and Other Aussie Hazards

in Australia

When tourists think of Australia they think of three words: sun, surf, and sand. And it’s not hard to see why..

Not only are Australia’s beaches beautiful, they’re also free for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re learning to surf or lazing about, it’s easy to spend a few days soaking up the atmosphere. However there are a few tips that foreigners should follow if they want to stay safe on an Aussie beach.

Unless you’re a very strong swimmer, you should visit a patrolled beach. It’ll offer great peace of mind to know that lifeguards are on hand should you get into trouble. You shouldn’t have any such concerns though if you swim between the red and yellow flags. This marked area is the safest part of the beach, free from underwater currents, submerged rocks, and other hazards.

If you do happen to swim out into one of the underwater currents, known locally as rips, it’s important to stay calm. Your natural instinct may be to fight and swim against the undertow, but this can get you into more trouble. Instead swim across it to safety.

If you are a strong swimmer, don’t be afraid to visit one of Australia’s unpatrolled beaches. These areas are often far less crowded, so they’re very appealing to surfers and anyone who enjoys the quiet. Without a lifeguard to look out for you, it’s a good idea to swim with a friend. Its also smartest to swim away from rocky areas. Some patrolled beaches also have signs warning travelers of any dangers, including poisonous jellyfish and sea snakes.

Whitehaven Beach in Queensland

Australia’s dangerous animals
are always of concern to foreign travelers, but the locals know these creatures rarely cause trouble. The poisonous blue ringed octopus lives in rock pools, and venomous stonefish can often be seen on rocks, but they won’t harm you unless provoked. Many beaches also have nets to prevent sharks and jellyfish reaching beach goers.

And finally, don’t underestimate the power of the Australian sun. Make sure to apply sunscreen regularly, and wear a T-shirt, hat, and sunglasses while you’re on the shore. Rash shirts can also offer some extra protection while you’re enjoying the waves. These sun smart precautions can ensure you don’t leave Australia with a nasty sunburn or worse!

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