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There are many places to find travel deals (besides FrugalMonkey directly of course!) where it’s easy to find cheap hotels and airfares.

By visiting Travel Auction websites you can easily find some of the best and unadvertised travel deals out there today without breaking the bank. Travel Auctions are most popularly known for websites such as Hotwire, Expedia, Orbitz and Travelocity. These websites are an online library of cheap airfares and hotel deals that allow vacationers to pick low cost flights based on flight availabilities through a variety of airlines. Oftentimes travelers can find extraordinary flight deals that would have otherwise cost thousands to purchase. The aforementioned Travel Auctions are some of the most popular and well known to travelers, but there are some other areas online where backpackers and vacationers can bid and purchase flights, hotels and even entire travel packages at large discounts.

Ebay for instance frequently offers travel packages at very large discounts and is a great place to look for timeshare rentals, condos, hotels and even flight deals. This Travel Auction resource often goes overlooked because its bidding system and reputation are mostly known for retail purchases.

However, now more than ever savvy travelers are booking high end deals at a fraction of the price using ebay and other online auctions to find and utilize cheap travel.

There are seemingly endless online Travel Auction and budget sites where travelers can book deals and travel cheaply. Skyline, Priceline, and Luxury Line are just to name a few. The only downside in booking a trip via a Travel Auction site is there tends to be less flexibility in canceling and changing travel plans then when a vacation is booked through another venue. Be sure to read the fine print so you understand the terms of the sale before purchasing.

For more travel deals and information on travel auctions check out FrugalMonkey’s entire section on saving via budget airfare and travel sites!

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