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FrugalMonkey wants to share with you one of our favorite places in the world: Alaska! In terms of an outdoors vacation, one fully equipped with adventure and excitement, we feel that nothing beats a trip to Alaska.

If you’ve ever wanted to see or learn more about this exciting state, take a look at our many resources regarding travel into the Last Frontier.

One exciting way to experience Alaska is through an Alaskan cruise. Cruises have been accessing Alaskan waters for quite some time, providing both large scale and small boat cruises in around the Alaskan coast. There are even river cruises that will take you deeper into the forests than simply a view from an ocean cruise liner will provide. With both winter and summer cruises available, you can see Alaska in all of its glory at anytime of year. Alaska cruises are also some of the most eco-friendly, with a number of eco-cruise lines emerging in recent years.

Another great way to see the Alaskan interior is by way of the Alaskan Railroad. This incredible resource for tourists takes you through the forests and fields of Alaska by train. What makes this trip so exciting is that you can’t access areas the train visits by car, meaning that this trip is truly one of a kind.

Lastly, Alaska is a great vacation for adventurers. Hunting and fishing is a popular activity (duh!). Find out about guided hunting and fishing trips, and even about backpacking guides. As you might have guessed, the fun doesn’t stop there. Find out about Denali National Park and whitewater rafting through our Alaska section on FrugalMonkey. Enjoy all there is to experience through an Alaskan vacation! Take our word for it. You will absolutely love it.

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