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This week and in the upcoming weeks, colleges around the world are turning out newly graduated alumnus in addition to thousands of students who will be out of school for the summer.

If you’re a college student looking forward to enjoying the summer sun or, if you’re a family looking to a take a vacation while the kids aren’t in school, check out some of these destinations and ideas from FrugalMonkey.

International Travel
FrugalMonkey’s country profiles amazing international travel destinations are a great place to begin looking for your summer vacation. For college students, you can’t beat the cheap prices found in cities like Buenos Aires, Argentina – a backpacker favorite. South America is a great way to spend a summer of backpacking and seeing the world. Affordable countries, amazing experiences and affordable prices await you!

If South America isn’t your thing, or if you’re worried about the impending travel costs of a summer abroad, consider getting a travel job. Not only does it allow you to travel without over spending but, it is great real world job experience. Don’t forget to check out FrugalMonkey’s travel job board; a great place to begin your search.

Other great international travel ideas include Australia. You can’t beat time away from school or celebrating your graduation by lounging in the sun and surf along Australia’s Sunshine Coast. Or if you only have a week or two, consider a vacation to Mexico. Mexico is filled with amazing hotels and destinations affordable enough for the recent grad but exciting and beautiful enough, to make any traveler happy.

With the kids off from school for the summer, there couldn’t be a better time to enjoy a summer vacation. While you’re planning be sure to take a look at our budget travel resources to help cut costs and amazing destination profiles. Alaska, Hawaii or Mexico are all great vacation destinations that won’t break the bank.

Check back each week for amazing family deals and vacation packages.

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