Salmon Fishing Trips in Alaska

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Now is the perfect time to start planning your Alaskan fishing trip. There are a lot of fish runs that take place in Alaskan waters, but none is more famous than the fall salmon run. During the fall, salmon return to their spawning grounds to reproduce representing one of the most abundant times of year to find healthy salmon populations in Alaska. This makes the months of October and November one of the best times to hire a salmon fishing boat charter.  Imagine navigating the cool Alaskan waters with seasoned fishermen, searching for some of the largest and most wild salmon in the world. Seasoned guides are one of the best ways to find the most abundant fishing spots, since they know the terrain and salmon runs better than any non-Alaskan native.

While salmon fishing trips are some of the most popular, don’t forget about the other fishing runs that make excellent Alaskan vacations. Halibut over 80 pounds can be pulled on the regular from Alaskan waters. Check out FrugalMonkey’s page on Alaskan fishing and begin planning your next Alaskan fishing trip now!

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