Green Travel

We all want to stay somewhere unique, so why not Somewhere Unique in the heart of Hunter Valley wine country? This originally named eco-resort is just two hours away from Sydney, Australia, but it feels like it’s a world away from the big smoke. Somewhere Unique is the perfect place for a romantic getaway, as […]

For a romantic Aussie getaway that won’t hurt the planet, consider a stay at Frog Hollow Estate in the Victorian country town of Daylesford. The former gold mining town, located 115 kilometers north west of Melbourne, is becoming a popular destination for tourists looking to enjoy life at a slower pace. The streets are lined […]

Thailand’s Our Jungle House invites travelers to escape the hustle and bustle of the big cities and get back to nature. The setting of this eco-friendly accommodation could not be more idyllic. The resort is set on 25 acres of private rainforest near Khao Sok National Park. These parklands, majestic with their limestone peaks, are […]

Luxury and an eco-friendly ethos go hand in hand at Evason Resort in Thailand’s tropical paradise, Phuket. It was even built inside the unused shell of an old building, making its creation the ultimate in recycling! The 64-acre property was designed to make the most of Phuket’s natural surrounds. It’s set amongst tropical parklands and […]

Many coastal tourist destinations around the world invite visitors to swim with seals and dolphins, but you’ll need to travel to Tonga if you hope to swim with whales. The South Pacific nation is known as The Friendly Islands, and its humpback whales are just as genial as the natives. More than 160 of the […]

The treehouses of Vythiri Resort in North Kerala, India, capture the magic of childhood for the environmentally conscious world. The resort has two treehouses in 500 acres of private forest. The rustic elevated dwellings have two stories, with each floor housing a double room. Each has a bedroom, a bathroom, and a terrace which allows […]

If you want to see the real Vietnam, forget the tour buses and get on your bike! While the motorized excursions zoom through the countryside on the way to major tourist centers, an eco-friendly cycling journey allows you to stop and smell the paddy fields. As cycling is the locals main form of transportation, it’s […]

We’ve mentioned before how volunteering can be a great way to spend your vacation time. It not only provides you with the opportunity to help people and experience new cultures and places, but volunteer experiences are a great way to boost up your resume for colleges, grad schools, and jobs. We also see volunteering as […]

Take an eco tour in Kenya this fall and nail yourself a truly unique and exciting vacation. Kenya has one of the riches bio diverse regions in the world when it comes to African wildlife and ecotourism has recently become a big focus there. Kenyans understand the value of their country’s natural resources and wildlife […]

Are you on the ecotourism band wagon? Do you want to find out how you can travel green, and the types of vacations you can take in order to really contribute to the ecotourism effort? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then take some time to peruse FrugalMonkey’s new ecotourism section […]