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Check out our country guides and travel advice made perfect for vacation planning.

If you’re trying to visit Greece, go on a Mexican getaway, take a cruise to Alaska, plan a last minute second honeymoon to Australia or even a trip to South America, then check out FrugalMonkey’s country profiles.

FrugalMonkey’s travel guides have up to date and current information on some of the worlds most popular travel destinations.

With full country profiles that include information on the history of the country, travel advice for the region, popular sights, country facts and insider information, it provides you with all pertinent travel information in one easy to find place. It also provides tips on how to find cheap airfare, where to look when booking last minute vacations in addition to providing advice on Euro Rail passes, volunteer work and working abroad. If there is something you need to know about international travel, FrugalMonkey is the place to look.

Country Profiles are helpful when researching travel plans because it helps you gain a sense of the type of vacation you are likely to find when traveling. For example, our guide on Hawaiian travel provides information on Hawaii interisland flights, activities you will enjoy in Hawaii, where to stay, information on the different islands, hotels, reports on tourism in Hawaii as well as cruises that are available.

If you want to travel to South Africa, our profile will show you exactly where to find South Africa’s different wine regions and explains how each of those regions differ in the varieties that grow there. Scuba diving, shark cage diving, whale watching, golfing, travel throughout the country and African safaris are among some of the more in depth information you will find on our country profile for South Africa as well. Not to mention the best hotels and day trips from Cape Town or Johannesburg.

Alaskan travel is at its peak in the summer months and is an enormous tourist destination for hoards of travelers each year. We offer links to Alaskan summer jobs, excursions, whitewater rafting, camping, sights, lodging at the different Alaskan cities and flight information into Alaska.

FrugalMonkey is a premier resource when it comes to Alaskan travel and work opportunities in Alaska. Yet we offer a wealth of information on our other country profiles, including but not limited to: Greece, Argentina, Mexico and Australia. If there’s anywhere in the world you’re eager to see – we’ve got the information to help you plan that vacation accordingly.

What is so great about being able to access information about each of these countries is that in addition to relevant travel data about the region we also offer information, tips and advice on booking trips to those places at the last minute. We also have information on where students can find flight discounts, purchase Euro Rail passes, get travel gear and so more! Additionally after finding information on where you want to go, you can then book your flight after only just a few clicks from our site. FrugalMonkey wants you to be able to find the cheapest and best travel for your budget, but doesn’t want you to miss out on the vacation of a lifetime. Your flight to Australia, beach trip to Mexico or scuba diving excursion in Hawaii is only just a click away when you research vacations on FrugalMonkey.

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