Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a college student to be able to study a language abroad. There are many short and long term programs designed for adults looking for personal enrichment and intellectual stimulation. Some of these programs even offer scholarships, so it’s worth it to inquire to see if you might qualify for one of these. Here is an overview of the benefits of studying a foreign language as well as some options for programs around the world.

A great way to save on transportation while in Europe is to consider a bike trip. The options are endless (depending on where you want to go and your level of fitness) as are the rewards (experience the beauty of Europe close-up, regular exercise means you can eat even more regional specialties, you have more control over your schedule). Here are some things to consider when planning a bike trip in Europe.

There’s no quicker way to eat up your European vacation budget than by booking an expensive hotel. Luckily, there are plenty of inexpensive alternative lodging options in Europe, the most popular of which are the many hostels found in most major (and some smaller) European cities. “Hostel culture” varies from city to city and establishment to establishment, but most hostels offer sparse, comfortable accommodations (and sometimes even a continental breakfast thrown in) for reduced rates. After all, why should you spend the big bucks on a deluxe hotel room if you will be out and about sightseeing most of the time anyways? Here are some guidelines for finding and booking hostels, as well as making the most of your European hostel experience.

It can safely be said that using public transportation (subway, buses, trains, etc.) is cheaper than taking a cab in any city in the world. However, many frugal travelers become confused or intimidated by public transportation systems for a variety of reasons including navigation skills and language barriers or end up spending too much money on public transportation tickets because they are unaware of other more cost-effective options. Here are some tips for making the most out of your public transportation experience as you travel through several European cities.

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European travel is popular because of the wealth of countries and cultures within such close proximity to one another. Additionally, the use of the Euro among many European countries and the ease of traveling within Europe because of the Euro Rail, means Europe is a traveler’s backyard just waiting to be explored. Flight deals right […]