You may have heard us sound off regarding the fact that a large portion of travelers look for deals without having any idea of where they’d like to go, first. So in order to help you out, we’re featuring a couple of great travel ideas for the summer (kid friendly of course) that won’t break […]

Sometimes the best last minute travel deals aren’t those that leave right away but are those that you need to book right away. Right now from July 15 the Caribbean island of Barbados is offering incredible travel deals for September through December. If you book within the next week and a half, a number of […]

Last month the Center for Disease Control removed travel restrictions from Mexico, giving travelers the green light for sunny skies, beaches and margaritas. However, the recent swine flu scare is keeping travelers at an unhealthy distance, causing the tourism industry in Mexico to falter. The result? Cheap prices on travel to Mexico. Although travel to […]

It isn’t very surprising that the current swine flu outbreak has crippled the Mexican economy and tourism industry. Even though most health concerns about travel into the area have subsided, the already slow economy has slowed even further when it comes to Mexican vacations. The silver lining to this economic Mexican mess? That right now […]

So you’ve decided, an amazing summer or fall vacation is in your future. Check out FrugalMonkey’s tips on this week’s travel deals and start planning that perfect vacation. Travel Auction Sites One of the best ways to find great travel deals is by utilizing online travel auctions. This tried and true method for finding cheap […]

Over the last week the travel industry has had to deal with the outbreak of a new flu pandemic as cases of swine flu have emerged around the world. As public health warnings about the outbreak of swine flu have been issued across the globe both United States and Mexico health officials are suggesting that […]

It seems that every week we discuss in some way how the economy is effecting travel prices. This week is no different as the dollar continues to strengthen against foreign currencies, flight prices lower to fill planes and hotels throw out deal after deal in order to entice travelers to book accommodations. So where are […]

Looking for a last minute spring break getaway to Mexico? Or are you thinking of planning your next Mexican vacation with family and friends? FrugalMonkey has all the insider information on where and how to book your last minute Mexican vacation. Right now on SunMex vacations there are an enormous number of vacation packages, hotel […]

If you’ve ever been to the FrugalMonkey home site you know that we provide vacationers with a wealth of information regarding travel. This includes our country profiles that have information on Alaska, Australia, Argentina, Greece, Hawaii, Mexico and South Africa. If you’re curious about traveling to any of these amazing and wonderful locations, just check […]

It’s hard to deny that a vacation to Mexico is anything but travel perfection: sandy beaches, incredible culture and a cerveza or two. Right now you can find amazing travel deals to Mexico. That means cheap flights and accommodations, all so you can enjoy the perfect spring break, family vacation, honeymoon or vacation with friends. […]