Frugal travelers spend plenty of time sniffing out the cheapest accommodation and securing low cost air fares. But there are some other arrangements you should make before you set off on your dream vacation. In this article we look at some of the other preplanning activities that can save you serious money. Passport matters Check […]

A vacation to Hawaii is almost always unforgettable. Sunning on white sand beaches, enjoying hand delivered mojitos, (more) fresh fruit cocktails, day spas, golf and a number of outdoors activities are hard to pass up. It gets even better for eager vacationers as cheap flights to Hawaii are getting cheaper. Although flight experts are saying […]

This summer, take advantage of cheap airfares and book a flight to Mexico. Since the outbreak of swine flu in Mexico the tourism industry has taken a serious hit. Travel has lulled and with the economy decidedly slow, now is the perfect time to take advantage of cheap airfares and excellent travel deals. Mexico is […]