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Traveling green is becoming of more and more concern to environmentally conscious travelers.

Learning about ecotourism and the ways in which it can help sustain the world’s best travel destinations, like Machu Picchu, is part of a growing trend that helps educate travelers about how tourism can have both a positive and negative effect on remote locations. In our new section on Green Travel, we outline the benefits and disadvantages of ecotourism as we examine the ideals behind green travel. Find out more about ecotourism and sustainable travel with FrugalMonkey’s free online guide. In this section you will learn about:

– What ecotourism is
– Advantages and disadvantages of ecotourism
– Ecotours
– Volunteer vacations
– Tips for green travelers

More and more people are trying to travel using ecotourism ideals and methods. Find out about sustainable tourism and how you can do your part. Learn about the cruise ship industry in addition to our profiles on locations that are in danger, along with those that are at the top of our list for green travel destinations. Learn about eco friendly hotels and accommodations and what type of accreditation is being used to ensure that hotels, hotels and guesthouses are in fact making a minimal impact on the environment.

By taking an eco tour or seeking out places that are green travel friendly are just a few ways green travel helps the environment. Get more green travel ideas in our new section and learn about: Belize, Alaska or even Africa.Lastly, in our new section find out which hotels around the world rank highest in terms of eco-friendliness and rest easy knowing that your travel needs aren’t coming at a large cost to the environment.

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