Three Great Vacations – One Trip to Mexico

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This summer, take advantage of cheap airfares and book a flight to Mexico.

Since the outbreak of swine flu in Mexico the tourism industry has taken a serious hit. Travel has lulled and with the economy decidedly slow, now is the perfect time to take advantage of cheap airfares and excellent travel deals.

Mexico is one of our favorite places to travel. With so much to see and do, both culturally and during a relaxing vacation, we’ve chosen three Mexican cities that are a perfect for a summer getaway. Not only because there is so much to enjoy but because flight prices and travel deals to the area are at an all time low! Take a look at three great vacations you can experience during one trip to Mexico:

Acapulco, Mexico has been a favorite among tourists for decades. Its gorgeous beaches and surrounding scenery make it ideal for romantic vacations but its tropical jungle; wildlife and the cliffs of Acapulco make it even more inviting to adventurous outdoorsmen. Although Acapulco remains a classic honeymooners vacation, it is also attracting a wider variety of travelers with its family-friendly restaurants and local activities. It is nearly impossible to enjoy a vacation to Acapulco without seeing the city’s famous cliff divers – something anyone can enjoy! In our free travel guide to Acapulco we outline the best way to see the world famous cliff divers of Acapulco in addition to restaurants and hotels in the area for both families and couples.

Cabo San Lucas
Although Cabo San Lucas is known for MTV’s Spring break and other college age activities, families and causal vacationers can all enjoy what Cabo has to offer. In FrugalMonkey’s city profile on Cabo San Lucas learn about hotels and restaurants in the area along with fun activities. Find out what to do in Cabo and which seafood restaurants to visit.

Cancun is a must-see during your Mexican vacation if you’re anywhere near the Caribbean side. With its white sand beaches, gorgeous wildlife, amazing architectures, beautiful hotels and world-famous restaurants, Cancun comes in at the top of our list of places to visit in Mexico. To name just a few of the activities you will enjoy during a vacation to Cancun imagine yourself: scuba diving in crystal clear waters, exploring local jungles, swimming through underground rivers or taking in ancient archeology. Cancun is one of Mexico’s top tourist destinations and our fee travel guide to the city outlines not only local activities but also restaurants and hotels in the area. Don’t miss out on Cancun during your trip to Mexico.

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