The Other Mexican Vacation: Mexico City

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Learn about Mexico City as a premier travel spot for vacationers of all shapes and sizes.

When most people thing about a vacation in Mexico, they think about the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, sunsets in Puerto Vallarta, dinners in Mazatlan or snorkeling in Cancun.

While these popular Mexican vacation ideals can be the perfect get away during the cold winter months in the States, think about checking out FRUGALMONKEY’s section on Mexican travel and learn about the wealth of culture and experiences that will take you beyond traditional beach tourism in Mexico. Mexico’s rich culture and history with the United States makes it one of the most vibrant countries in the world. With its proximity to the US and with its popularity among tourists, travel into Mexico is popular and frequent – so flight prices are available that won’t break even the most modest budget.

It’s funny to think that Mexico City could possibly be overlooked because of its size (it is currently the most populated city in the world), but it often is among travelers. While it doesn’t offer the white sandy beaches that some of its other cities do, it is a great vacation spot for families, young people and independent travelers. With hundreds of museums, parks, restaurants and what seems like a festival every other day, it’s a great place for any visitor looking for a closer cultural look at Mexico.

Traveling to Mexico City also has a wealth of activities, sporting events and even amusement parks to enjoy. While the city’s size may seem daunting to some, the neighborhoods are charmingly separated into perfect day-trips, each with its own feel and with something different to offer. Also, the city’s population is large because, like many Latin American large cities and Capitals, it includes the surrounding provinces as a part of the city population. So, if the sheer size of it all is daunting, never fear – the city is actually quite manageable.

Mexico City offers large variety of accommodations, amenities and places to visit, meaning that for any budget, there is a vacation that meets your needs in Mexico City. So, on your way out to the beach consider spending a few days in Mexico’s ‘other’ city, and what is considered the heart of the country to millions.


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