Travel With Twitter

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The web is responsible for a long list of new words making its way into our everyday vernacular.  For example, ‘Googling’ something is universally understood even if only recently. Now, we can add another; although this term has the travel world in a buzz. Twittering refers to the website, where people can upload one or two lines informing others of their whereabouts, mood or maybe just to state an observation. The ability to upload from your cell phone is making Twitter the very next must-have travel tool.

With the help of easy one-second uploads travelers can let friends and family know that they are ‘delayed at the airport’ or any number of helpful updates. Finding out ‘where to eat’ by simply Twittering, immediately has all your friends and family helping you out within seconds. ‘Looking for last minute fight deals‘ through Twitter might land you the help of all 200 of your Twitter friends. It’s a simple idea that is making big splashes among travelers.

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