Oceania travel

Vanuatu’s tropical and subtropical climates guarantee the stretch of Polynesian islands always lives up to its reputation as an idyllic coastal paradise. However, tourists should be aware of the country’s changing weather conditions throughout the year before planning to travel around Vanuatu. There is little climate variation between the seasons; whether it’s around 85 degrees […]

With so much of the Pacific now transformed by tourism, the unspoiled wonder of Yap in Micronesia is even more enticing. This is the kind of place which gives us a glimpse into what all of the Pacific must have been like centuries ago. The locals don loincloths and hibiscus skirts. They build their houses […]

The picturesque charms of the Isle of Pines, the southernmost tip of New Caledonia, attract travelers from far and wide. But most come away from their Oceanic vacation stay with a rather hefty bill. A getaway in the location known as the Jewel of the South Pacific doesn’t have to cost the earth though, if […]