Vanuatu’s tropical and subtropical climates guarantee the stretch of Polynesian islands always lives up to its reputation as an idyllic coastal paradise. However, tourists should be aware of the country’s changing weather conditions throughout the year before planning to travel around Vanuatu. There is little climate variation between the seasons; whether it’s around 85 degrees […]

China is a diverse country which experiences a varied climate and a number of seasonal activities, so the decision of when to travel requires some careful planning. The temperate seasons of fall and spring are the ideal time to travel. During these seasons weather tends to hover between 50 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Rain is […]

Samoa is a tropical paradise, where life moves at a snail’s pace to please both the locals and tourists alike. Such a beautiful part of Oceania is a pleasure to visit at any time of year, but you may like to consider a few factors before you set off. Most tourists travel to Samoa with […]

Japan experiences four distinct seasons, including very cold winters and hot and steamy summers. Knowing what to expect at different points in the year will help you plan your Japanese getaway. Winter in Japan typically lasts between December and February. If it’s skiing and other alpine sports you’re after, traveling to Northern Japan or the […]