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The Alaska Railroad might be that perfect summer trip you’re looking for. You may have heard about the gorgeous Alaskan countryside or read about it in countless outdoors and wilderness tales.

So have the thousands of tourists who flock to Alaska each summer to take in the incredible display of outdoor beauty and adventure that they have heard so much about while living in the lower 48 states. But what does the Alaska Railroad offer that is so special besides a laid back and worry free trip to Alaska?

Trips on the Alaskan Railroad are gaining in popularity because of the many things you can see along the way. It’s worth mentioning the gorgeous landscape that slowly rolls by as the train makes its way from Seward to Anchorage, through Denali National Park and then into Fairbanks. From May to September the railroad offers trips starting as low as $75 from Seward to Anchorage and $167 from Anchorage to Fairbanks. Along the way, the train stops, allowing passengers to take day trips or even stay overnight in some of Alaska’s most famous terrain and incredible cities. Hotel packages, tours and other amenities are offered when you book your tour, but what is most amazing is the incredible access you gain into the Alaskan wilderness.

The railroad not only takes you on a spectacular trip but it offers up access to parts of Alaska that only dog-sleds, four-by-fours and backpackers are able to see. All of this with a full bar, food and a camera ready to take it all in. Because the railroad trolls through places where cars, cruise ships and hikers can’t even access you get a truly original and uninterrupted view of the Alaskan landscape. It’s a hard trip to pass up if you’re eager to get outdoors, check out some well-known Alaskan cities but then escape back into the tree line. At such low prices it’s impossible to ignore the priceless view that awaits you during your trip on the Alaskan Railroad.

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