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London has a reputation as one of Europe’s most expensive cities, and quite rightly so. Most Brits have had to leave the city’s lights for the suburbs, and if they can’t afford to live there what hope do us poor tourists have? The good news is that a short stay in the English capital needn’t […]

When it comes to dollars and cents, we all know that trains beat planes nearly every time. But there are plenty more reasons to choose this frugal travel option when you’re seeing this world. Previously we’ve waxed lyrical about the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway in India and the Shinkansen Bullet Train in Japan. Here we take […]

Forget cruise ships, sailing tours, and jet boat rides. These popular tourist options offer beautiful views of a city’s waterways and coastlines, but they’re generally overpriced. You needn’t miss out on these shoreline vistas while traveling though; simply hop on a ferry! In this article we profile some of the world’s best. They’ve got ferries […]

When traveling large distances in any country, it can be tempting to simply hop on a plane. However air travel can burn a hole in your wallet, and force you to miss much of the landscape. So resist the urge to take to the skies while you’re traveling in India and take a journey on […]

Most travelers to New Zealand tend to rent cars to get about the North and South Island. However utilizing the country’s easy-to-use bus system is a much more affordable option for your New Zealand vacation. Several coach companies ferry tourists between New Zealand’s major cities. The largest is InterCity Coachlines, a national organization which travels […]

Whenever we’re traveling long distances, most of us prepare to board an airplane. We arrive at our destination in a timely fashion, although our bank balance tends to suffer. However there’s a better, and more affordable way to travel around Japan. Tourists in the know prefer to stay on the ground, and on the Shinkansen […]

The Australian city of Melbourne really is a capital made for tourists. As if the free City Circle Tram didn’t make getting around easy enough, visitors can also discover the city for free on the Red Explorer bus, otherwise known as the Melbourne City Tourist Shuttle. As there are no tickets, tourists can hop on […]

The Victorian city of Melbourne is home to the largest tram network in the world, and these electric cable cars are a wonderful way to get about the capital.   Visitors are spoiled with free travel to many major sights on the City Circle Tram. The tram follows a rectangular circuit which passes Melbourne Aquarium, […]

The fast-paced energy of Sydney can daunt some tourists. But if you want to save cash in the New South Wales capital, resist the urge to simply jump in a taxi. The city has several affordable, and even free, transport options. When staying right in the heart of Sydney, the free CBD shuttle bus is […]

Navigating an unfamiliar foreign city can be a daunting prospect. The Explorer Bus takes the stress out of getting around the New Zealand city of Auckland and is a great way to see the sights. A day pass costs $35 for adults, $15 for children aged between four and 16 years, and $80 for a […]