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Most people plan their vacations around the most alluring weather conditions, the big events, or the school holidays. But if you travel outside these peak periods, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You’ll save money on hotels and transport, you’ll dodge the crowds, and you’ll see your destination in a whole new light. In this article we suggest some great times to visit Australia’s biggest tourist towns, and they’re not what you would expect.

Queensland’s Gold Coast is most popular in spring and summer, but the area actually enjoys sunshine most of the year. The temperate conditions in June are perfect for enjoying the area’s theme parks without the long ride queues. Hotels are also desperate to fill their rooms, so you can expect some big accommodation bargains.

New South Wales’ Snowy Mountains are teeming with tourists in winter, but wait a few months and you’ll see this beautiful area differently. In spring you need not spend money on a ski resort, as the conditions are mild enough to enjoy the area’s campsites. With only remnants of snow remaining, the area’s gorgeous mountains are ideal for hiking in September and October.

In January, music fans from Australia over flock to Tamworth for the town’s famous country music festival. But most travelers don’t know that the area stages a similar festival in July. The weather’s a bit colder for Hats Off to Country, but you’ll enjoy cheap accommodation and the performances of some great up and coming acts.

Don’t be scared away from the Northern Territory’s Kakadu National Park in the wet season. From December to March you’ll enjoy all of the regular tourist experiences without the crowds. The animals seem to respond to these quieter conditions, so you never know what you’ll see. If you don’t mind getting a bit wet, the area’s storms can be awe inspiring.

Many tourists are scared of traveling down south during winter, but provided you pack some thick sweaters Hobart can be a wonderful place to explore during the chilly months. Its waterfront cafes and buzzing pubs provide a warm refuge from the dreary weather outside. The Festival of Voices, Australia’s only choir festival held each July, is also an event worth traveling for.

So why travel when everyone else is? You may find your journey is richer and more memorable if you dare to be different!

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