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Hotels and lodging consistently remain one of the largest costs for vacationers while traveling. Purchasing rooms can come at a high price especially when you’re trying to book hotels in resort towns like Hawaii, Mexico or the popularly traveled Caribbean.

Traveling outside of the country for long vacations means booking a hotel in South Africa (for example) will be expensive, and there is little to do to avoid lodging costs.

The recent economic lull however, has changed the face of expensive hotel costs. In fact, a recent report by e-forecasting shows that the hotel industry is in its 19 straight month of decline and to combat this, hotels around the world are lowering prices and offering incredible travel deals to members and hotel visitors.

We always recommend taking a look at online travel auctions to see if hotels are included in vacation packages. Right now you can book very cheap hotels on Maui, Hawaii by simply booking with a travel auction site. Also take the time to research any current deals provided by the hotel and don’t forget our tried and true recession special: flat out asking for discounts. If you’re doing your research now (not that you have to, we’ve done it for you) this is probably what you’ve seen:

Hilton Hotel Deals
If you book any two nights stay during July 31 to August 31 in any of the 46 Hilton Family hotels in the Asia-Pacific region, you will receive one free night at another booking.

Additionally, any Hilton members who stay three or more nights at a Conrad hotel will earn 10,000 bonus points. A deal that translates into a lot of additional savings for members.

Hilton has a lot of great hotel deals for members through the summer and staying at a Hilton in Mazatlan, Mexico or another favorite vacation destination is sure to pay off with these great summer deals.

This Radisson Hotel deal is sure to catch your attention. Through September 15, travelers will enjoy a free nights stay on Fridays if you’ve already booked two or more succeeding nights (including weekends) at participating hotels. Participating hotels include locations in North and South America, in addition to resort level Radisson hotels in Central America as well. Travelers, keep an eye out for travel deals like this one!

Looking for other hotels that are offering similar deals? Check out Marriott, Loews, Omni, Best Western, Choice Hotels and Carlson hotel branches.

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