Sanya, the Hawaii of the Orient – China’s Luxury Beachside Spot

in China

Just as the British sent its criminals to Australia, Chinese emperors punished its lawbreakers by sending them to Sanya, on the southernmost tip of the Hainan Province. How ironic that both sets of delinquents were banished to paradise.

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The beautiful beach at Sanya, China

The coastline is covered in pristine white sand bordered by sparkling blue sea. Palm trees thrive in this tropical climate, which seems more like a Hawaii vacation spot than anywhere in Asia. Perhaps it’s little wonder then that both holiday destinations are at the same latitude.

Sanya offers plenty of water activities designed to take advantage of its famous harbors and bays. Visitors can go banana boating, surfing, scuba diving, and jet skiing. Those preferring to enjoy Sanya on land can try their hand at beach volleyball or kite flying.

Sanya does not offer as many tourist attractions as many Chinese cities, but families should love the butterfly museum, the tiger and crocodile center, and the shell aquarium.

The Nanshan Temple offers a glimpse into the area’s culture, while the Daxiao Dongtian, or fairy caves, have picturesque ocean views and mountain scenery.

Sanya is home to around 20 different ethnic groups which make it a food lovers paradise. Seafood and tropical fruits are plentiful, and these fresh delicacies can be found in many different dishes. Brazilian barbeques, Italian pizzas, and Cantonese and south-east Asian cuisine is all on offer from Sanya’s many restaurants.

While Sanya was originally founded on fishing, today international tourism is the area’s most important industry. The city is home to many of the world’s largest tourist chains who offer luxury on a grand scale. This is not a holiday spot for budget travelers.

One of the newest hotels in the region is the plush Sanya Hilton Resort and Spa. Guests stay in suites overlooking the sea or local forests, and enjoy first class facilities like a spa retreat, opulent pool with its lagoon and waterfall, children’s play area, and fitness zone.

Sheraton Sanya Resort has hosted Miss World competitors for the last three years. It’s little wonder these international glamourpusses choose to make the Sheraton their home away from home, with its 18 and 6-hole golf courses, tennis courts, night club, and six international restaurants. Each room has beautiful views from its own private patio and the Sheraton’s patented Sweet Sleeper beds.

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