Vacation Like a Star – Celebrity South Pacific Getaways

in Oceania

When the stars want to escape the glare of the paparazzi they fly out of Hollywood and head across the world to the South Pacific.

And with the region’s pristine beaches, tropical weather, and exclusive resorts, who can blame them?

Wakaya Resort is a favorite of a host of stars, with Bill Gates, Pierce Brosnan, Keith Richards, Michelle Pfieffer, and Russell Crowe amongst its famous guests. It’s not hard to see why these celebs keep coming back; with just 20 guests allowed to stay at any one time Wakaya offers the sort of privacy few resorts can match. Of course, the stars pay for the privilege with luxury cottages starting from $1900 US a night. But that’s just the tip of the luxury iceberg. Most celebs splash out the exclusive House in the Clouds, which costs $7600 a night. That buys the very lucky occupants their own fitness center and cliff-side swimming pool, so there’s no risk of unflattering exercise snaps ending up in the tabloids.

Nearby Turtle Island, also in Fiji, is another haven for Hollywood stars. It didn’t help their marriages last, but high-profile couples Britney Spears and Kevin Federline and Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey all enjoyed honeymoons on this privately owned island. There is just one resort, which caters for no more than 28 guests at a time. They get to enjoy paradise: 14 sparkling beaches and 100 staff eager to serve.

Bora Bora

Mount Otemanu in Bora Bora

Their lodgings are private cottages known as bure, each equipped with a plush bedroom, bathroom, private bar, and a Bure Mama. This kindly soul takes care of the housekeeping and laundry, leaving you free to enjoy yourself. While you can set out on your own, she’s also happy to tag along as tour guide and personal photographer. It costs $2000 US per night to stay on Turtle Island, but if you’ve got cash to spare you can reserve the entire isle for a week. That extravagance costs $300, 000.

The final stop on our South Pacific star tour is the St Regis Hotel in Bora Bora. This decadent spa resort’s guest list includes famous lovebirds Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, and basketball star Tony Parker and Eva Longoria. These stars stayed in one of 100 private villas, and enjoyed the attentive services of a 24-hour butler. There’s a private beach and jacuzzi for cooling down, and a private chef for those special meals for two. Compared to the other South Pacific spots we’ve profiled, a stay here almost seems cheap. Rooms start from $925 US a night.

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