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in Australia, India

You needn’t get stung by high cab fees when you’re traveling around the world, thanks to the nifty World Taxi Meter website.

Simply enter your departure point, your destination, and the time you’re traveling and the website will do the rest.

It will estimate the fare you can expect to pay (in any currency), how long you’ll wait in traffic, and much more.

Of course the website doesn’t have details for every destination in the world, but many tourist centers are covered. It’s ideal for navigating the traffic chaos of New Delhi, the busy Australian streets of Sydney and Melbourne, and downtown Singapore.

The handy tips for taxi travel are also very useful for tourists. The site offers advice specific to each city, such as information about public holiday and late night surcharges, tipping, and local taxi ranks.

This website should ensure you’re not caught short during your travels, or ripped off by cunning cab drivers out to make a quick buck. Hopefully we’ll see it expanded to include more destinations, particularly in Asia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific, soon.

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