Dine in Style at Melbourne’s Colonial Tramcar Restaurant

in Australia

Melbourne’s trams are the backbone of the Victorian capital, a unique public transport system which ferries locals and travelers to the main streets and tourist sites in Melbourne’s inner city and the suburbs. But these cable cars don’t just move people about; they also provide an unusual dining opportunity at the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant.

This quirky restaurant delivers a moving meal in more ways than one. It departs several times daily from the #125 tramstop on Normandy Road and travels around the city and suburbs as diners enjoy their meals. From $77 diners can enjoy between three and five courses, depending on the time of day they travel, and beverages from the restaurant’s fully stocked bar.

A set menu of local gourmet cuisine is offered on each journey, including Tasmanian ocean trout, seared kangaroo loin, and Victorian farmed beef fillets. The delicious food, all-inclusive drinks package, and unique atmosphere help to justify the high costs of an evening on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. It’s certainly not an everyday dining option, but it would be a great way for tourists to see the city, or locals to celebrate a special event.

A meal on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant is a fun way to experience Melbourne’s public transport history while enjoying fine contemporary cuisine.

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