Summer Cruise Jobs

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It’s hard to beat a summer working on a cruise ship. So why try? Working on a cruise ship might just be the perfect summer job. The cruise industry sees its highest occupancy during the summer. This is when the weather is nicest and when most people take their vacations. It is also when cruise ship directors need more staff to help deal with the increase in travelers. Working on a cruise ship means you get to travel the world, see new places and at the same time make some of the best money ever, from a summer job. Seasonal travel industry jobs can be hard to procure, but not in the growing cruise industry! Most summer employees work for about four to six months earning money the entire time. Work days are long, but the paychecks are well worth the longer hours. Also, one of the biggest perks to working on a cruise ship is the money you save on food and accommodations – two aspects that are normally included while you’re employed onboard.

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