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Visitors to New Zealand need only remember one name when seeking travel advice: i-SITE. i-SITE is New Zealand’s official network of tourist information centers. More than 80 i-SITEs scattered around the North and South Islands are dedicated to providing advice about local attractions, accommodation options, and transport. Best of all, the service is completely free […]

It pays to be a smart consumer. Or does it? Perhaps we mean you will pay less if you’re a smart consumer. At least that’s the case when it comes to travel deals online. Travel sites love to project amazing travel deals that will get you around the world and to incredible locations for just […]

Although we talk a lot about domestic travel, don’t forget that FrugalMonkey has amazing travel information on international locations as well. That includes, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, South Africa and Greece! Each of these profiles includes some special information about the area, hotels, sites and exciting adventures. If you’ve always wanted to take a Mediterranean vacation […]

If you’re trying to pick where to go and when for your summer vacation, be sure and check out FrugalMonkey’s country profiles first. We have all the best information regarding hotels in the area, sites to see, activities to enjoy and other interesting information like what time of year to travel, travel deals to that […]

The web is responsible for a long list of new words making its way into our everyday vernacular.  For example, ‘Googling’ something is universally understood even if only recently. Now, we can add another; although this term has the travel world in a buzz. Twittering refers to the website, where people can upload one […]