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Many of us feel we need a special skill to contemplate working abroad. However, if you’re from an English speaking country your native language may be the ticket to an opulent overseas stay. Teaching English abroad will net you a much more generous salary than pulling beers or farming. In addition to those substantial wages, […]

Students, you’re already shelling out enough money when it comes to books, housing, and tuition, so don’t get caught overspending when it comes to travel too! College students are among one of the largest percentages of those who travel. Study abroad programs, long summer vacations, or even a semester off from school provides the perfect […]

Attention job hunters! We dedicate a lot of information to finding travel deals, but what about travel jobs? FrugalMonkey specializes not only in the best travel destinations but also how to find work in the travel industry. Check out four great areas where work is available for travel lovers and learn a little bit more […]

Hundreds of travelers are teaching English to prolong their stay abroad. If you’re interested in traveling but are worried about having enough money to make your trip worthwhile, consider working abroad.  Working abroad allows you to live in a different country, experience the culture, travel, make money and prolong your stay. The only catch is […]

Learn some tips and tools of the trade about teaching English in order to extend your trip abroad. FrugalMonkey is dedicated to showing you how to travel cheaply, take advantage or find cheap travel deals as well as learn how you can extend your stay by working abroad. Our advice is basically derived from the […]