working abroad

Many of us feel we need a special skill to contemplate working abroad. However, if you’re from an English speaking country your native language may be the ticket to an opulent overseas stay. Teaching English abroad will net you a much more generous salary than pulling beers or farming. In addition to those substantial wages, […]

It’s no big secret that international and even domestic travel can be expensive. For this reason it can be difficult to afford the expensive flights and months without work while traveling. However, there are several job opportunities, specifically for summer but also year round, that are perfect for satisfying your travel bug and making some […]

Students, if you’ve ever wanted to travel but haven’t had the time because of school consider working abroad on your summer vacation. Working abroad has a large number of advantages for students. First, the experience of traveling to a foreign country is a huge advantage in terms of world experiences. Employers like to see diversity […]

A lot of people choose to volunteer when working or living abroad. It helps build resumes, develops valuable experience and is the chance to volunteer when you would otherwise not have the time. But finding volunteer work can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. FrugalMonkey’s entire section on volunteering abroad has information […]