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It’s no big secret that international and even domestic travel can be expensive. For this reason it can be difficult to afford the expensive flights and months without work while traveling.

However, there are several job opportunities, specifically for summer but also year round, that are perfect for satisfying your travel bug and making some money in the process. Check it out!

Working Abroad is appealing to some people who like the idea of a working vacation – and travel. Working abroad can take on many different forms. For example, some people travel while teaching English, while others pick up a job doing something more transient like working for a cruise ship. Whatever your travel desires, there is surely a way to make something more out of your trip with a working abroad job. FrugalMonkey’s entire section on working abroad includes information on different working abroad type jobs, as well as information on volunteering, and working in remote locations like resorts. For more information on working abroad during a summer or even for an entire year, take a look at some of our exciting opportunities.

Travel Jobs
Summer is a great time to take advantage of travel jobs. Because the tourism industry booms so much during the nicer weather, resorts, lodges and even tourism related industries require a larger staff in order to deal with the influx of summer travelers. A great way to earn some money during a summer but also enjoy traveling is to work for a resort.  Working for a resort allows you to live in some of the most gorgeous locations in the world, while making money. This could mean lifeguarding for a beach resort in Mexico, or giving hiking and backpacking tours for a lodge in one of America’s beautiful National Parks. The jobs are endless and allow you to live in an exciting new place, while you’re making money. Consider a resort job for your summer, but don’t wait too long. Jobs such as these go quick, so applying early is key!

Another way to make money while you’re traveling is to find work in the cruise ship industry. Working on a cruise ship is one of the best ways to make money and travel. Because so many of your living expenses are taken care of when you work on a cruise ship, and because you get to work longer hours, you can end up saving thousands of dollars over the course of just a few months.

The work is hard but also enjoyable. Additionally, you can enjoy travel all over the globe by working on one of the many cruise ships that sails through the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska and other exciting places. FrugalMonkey’s entire section on cruise ship jobs is a great place to begin your search.

Another great way to enjoy travel but boost your resume is through volunteering. Volunteering while you travel is an amazing experience. Often times it involves speaking another language, helping non-profit organizations and of course, traveling. Being a volunteer is a great experience to have on any resume in addition to college applications. Learn more about becoming a volunteer while you travel through FrugalMonkey’s section on volunteer jobs. There are more than just a few ways to enjoy your traveling experience and we’ll show you how!

Keep an eye out each week for more information about travel jobs, or see what travel jobs are available now through our Travel Jobs, job board.

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