Resources for your Memorial Day Weekend

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Memorial Day weekend is a popular weekend for domestic travel. The weather is improving and this long weekend represents the beginning of summer travel.

A lot of people hit the road and travel via car for a hiking or camping weekend away. While others take flights and go a little further in order to enjoy the weekend off. Whatever your travel plans, take a look at these travel resources that will help you plan the perfect Memorial Day vacation.

If you haven’t booked a flight it isn’t too late. There are lots of travel deals regarding domestic flights for the upcoming weekend. Be sure and take a look at travel auction websites These sites are a great resource for any last minute travel, and for cheap travel packages. Perhaps a weekend trip to Vegas? Right now you can find extraordinarily cheap flight deals to Vegas. Or, if you’re flying south for some surf and sun, flights to Southern California are also discounted heavily. Search those key words on travel auction sites and book your vacation away, at low, low prices.

Rental Cars
Rental cars commonly represent a big travel charge while vacationing. But it doesn’t have to. If you’re going out of town and need to purchase a rental car for your Memorial Day weekend then take a look at these travel deals. FrugalMonkey suggests looking through travel auctions sites. These sites also offer great deals on rental cars. Additionally, right now Hotwire is offering rental cars for as low as $14 and up. This is a great way to save on this usually expensive travel cost. Also, be sure to look up car rental discount codes online. By simply searching for discount codes you can sometimes find incredible deals!

Don’t forget to check out FrugalMonkey’s destination profiles also. Trips to Alaska, Hawaii and Mexico are perfect for a long weekend away.

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