South America And Favorable Exchange Rates

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Your dollars will get you a lot further if you pick the right country to visit. Try South America for instance…

Even in times of economic hardship you can find travel deals that won’t break the bank. Take South America for instance.

Imagine yourself enjoying the summer sun in Rio de Janeiro while winter passes slowly in the United States. Or, you could be taking pictures of Machu Picchu, the final resting place of the Incas, instead of filing invoices or attending to needy customers and clients. One large advantage budget travelers have in choosing South America is that the exchange rates in South American countries are very favorable toward the dollar.

Take Argentina for example. If you’re interested in seeing some of the most gorgeous landscapes in the world, or traveling to the world famous Iguazu Falls, your one dollar will earn you nearly 3.5 pesos. This may not seem like thousands in your pockets now, but it translates into huge savings when you’re three times richer because of the exchange rate on your Argentina vacation. Even in some of the more expensive South American countries you can enjoy more spending money in your pocket than you would by traveling to non-favorable exchange countries like Europe or classically expensive US locations like Hawaii.

Additionally, travel in many South American countries is facilitated greatly toward budget travelers. By staying in hostels instead of hotels, using overnight luxury buses instead of expensive flights you can save thousands thanks to the amenities many of these countries offer backpackers. It also gives you a chance to see a part of the world that is rich in culture and full of natural beauty. If you’re a city lover and not a nature lover, never fear, South America still offers cheap travel in some of the most bustling and metropolitan cities in the world.

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