Cheap Travel Deals to Mexico AND How To Get Them

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Start 2009 off right with a Mexican vacation. By finding the right air fare you can be beach-side in no time.

Mexico is a popular travel destination for people all over the world.

This country, which shares its crystal clear waters and sandy beaches with the equally alluring Caribbean countries, brings in thousands of travelers each year. Mexico is one of the premier travel locations for high-end travelers and is a common destination for people seeking out five star resorts and expensive vacation luxuries. While these types of travel packages are typically out of reach for budget travelers or college backpackers there do exist excellent travel deals that offer elite Mexico travel to the finger tips of even the most budget traveler. If you’re interested in finding out how to enjoy Puerto Vallarta travel at a discount, or marlin sport fishing in Cabo San Lucas, then read on!

FrugalMonkey is the premier travel resource for travelers who are on a budget.

As such, we bring you hot travel tips and cheap airfare ideas each week. For you Mexico travelers check out Continental Airlines for airfare deals to Mexico starting at just $99. With the economy in somewhat of a lull and holiday travel mulling to an end, now is the perfect time to search major airlines for deals such as these. Additionally, by booking travel on airlines that operate out of your city, or close to it, you will save hundreds by booking on an airline that accesses your city frequently. Additionally, if you don’t live close by a travel hub try finding flight deals within the United Sates on Southwest Airlines. Southwest offers excellent travel deals especially around the holidays that can facilitate even the tightest budgets. By taking advantage of travel deals such as these, brought to you by FrugalMonkey you will be beach side on your Mexican vacation in no time.

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