Unusual Places for Good, Cheap Food – Eat Like a King for Less Abroad

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Frugal travelers know you needn’t dine in the finest restaurants to enjoy tasty food. They’ve got a nose for a bargain, and quality dishes. But sometimes the best food isn’t always where you expect it to be. In this article we outline some of the more surprising cheap eats you’ll find around the globe.

In many countries a shopping mall food court is about the convenience more than the cuisine. You typically choose from fast food chains all serving up the same homogenized, tasteless fare. You’d never eat there by choice; it’s just a handy place to consume some calories before continuing your search for bargains. But things are a big different in Asia. Countries like China, Hong Kong, and Japan have some of their most delicious budget-friendly dishes hidden inside the malls. It’s worth stopping by for the noodles and pho even if you’re not shopping at the sales!

While you’re in Asia, don’t forget to visit one of Japan’s convenience stores. You’ll find much more than magazines and candy here. Some fresh sushi or gyoza will fill you up, satisfy your taste buds, and not leave a gaping hole in your wallet!

In most parts of the world, gas stations have a modest amount of overpriced and unsatisfying food for the road. The potato chips and soda might keep tummy rumbles at bay, but they’re not the kind of food you’d tell your friends about. But they do things a little differently in Italy. In the country’s Autogrills you’re treated to freshly made delicacies including focaccia, panini, and piadini. They’re all lot better than soggy sandwiches packaged in plastic! And you get real Italian coffee to wash them down!

In Portugal, the beach is good for more than working on your tan and catching waves. You’ll also find more than ice-cream cones at this Mediterranean country’s breaks. Carts lining the shore sell the country’s famous churros, a kind of long donut smothered in sugar. I don’t recommend substituting these for a proper meal, but they can certainly fill the gap until dinner time.



If you go searching for food inside Argentina’s sports stadiums you’ll be disappointed. You won’t find the overpriced, middle of the road fare sold in many parts of the world. In fact, you’ll be lucky to find any grub at all! But the locals know all the good food’s outside, being cooked fresh from barbecues set up around the venue’s perimeter. Make sure you try the choripan, a hearty treat that’s like a hot dog made with local chorizo sausage.

So make sure you veer off the beaten track when you’re looking for food abroad. Your tastebuds and wallet will thank you!

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