Reasons to Try Camping – Why You Should Pitch a Tent

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This world is divided into campers and non-campers. The first group relishes getting out amongst the great outdoors and celebrates the time spent together enjoying life’s simple pleasures. The latter group shudders at the thought of “roughing it” and craves creature comforts when they’re away from home. But there are several reasons why anyone who considers themselves a non-camper should give this rugged vacation style a try.

In this busy modern world we miss the wonders of nature. Air pollution tends to block a clear night sky, and it’s hard to hear the birds chirping over the honking of car horns and police sirens. Make sure you take the time to stop and smell the roses and appreciate other natural wonders on your camping trip. A bird’s song is a much more beautiful alarm clock than any radio, and no cheesy chick flick is as romantic as a night spent cuddled up under the stars.

Camping also forces technology addicts to remove themselves from their favorite gadgets and interact with real people. You’ll learn much more about your family talking around a campfire than you ever will staring vacantly at a television screen. This kind of communication is much more vital than any discussion you’ll have via e-mail or instant message. And if you’re lucky, your smart phone won’t even get reception at your chosen camping location. The connection doesn’t just stop at the human members of your family either. Dogs love camping trips too!

Speaking of campfires, did you know food tastes better from this makeshift oven than it does from a gourmet kitchen? There have been no scientific studies of course, but anyone who’s enjoyed the smokiness of a campfire cooked meal would likely agree with you. Perhaps it’s got something to do with all that fresh air, which allows your taste buds to really enjoy the food you’re eating. Make sure you bring something better than canned baked beans to really experience this phenomenon.

TentsAnd finally, camping is cheap as chips. Decent camping gear generally costs the equivalent of staying a couple of nights in a hotel. But unlike that hotel room, you can keep the camping gear for decades of family holidays. After that initial outlay, camping gets even cheaper. You can generally find a campsite for between $15 and $35, or venture out into the wild and pitch your tent for free! Surely that’s enough to encourage any first-time campers to get on board!

So why have you resisted camping all these years? It sounds like a pretty good vacation idea to us!

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