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Frugal travelers know you needn’t dine in the finest restaurants to enjoy tasty food. They’ve got a nose for a bargain, and quality dishes. But sometimes the best food isn’t always where you expect it to be. In this article we outline some of the more surprising cheap eats you’ll find around the globe. In […]

Forget those over-priced Michelin-star meals cooked up by celebrity chefs. Some of the most delicious items you’ll indulge in overseas will barely make a dent in your budget. These are the fatty, sugary treats guaranteed to expand your waistline and harden your arteries. They’ll test the theory that everything is fine in moderation. These are […]

Most frugal travelers find themselves chowing down in fast food chain restaurants in a bid to save cash. These international food giants don’t just create food that’s bad for your waistline; it’s also generally unsatisfying. So why see the world while eating the same old junk you do at home? Instead try the street food […]

Japan is a gourmand’s delight, with more Michelin-star rated restaurants than Paris. Sushi Saito is a favorite of Michelin guide director Jean-Luc Naret, Rokkaku is the first izakaya to make the list, and Birdland’s creative poultry dishes must be seen to be believed. And that’s all before you even leave the capital! But frequenting these […]