Tips for Packing Light – Cut Down Your Luggage

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Whether you’re a backpacker keen to ensure you’re not weighed down, or simply a frugal traveller anxious to avoid those sneaky excess baggage fees, you’ll need to learn how to travel light. This article offers a few handy tips for cutting down your cargo.

Reading is a great way to pass time on a lengthy long haul flight, but a few books can quickly weigh you down. Leave the hard copies behind and invest in an e-reader. If your budget can’t stretch quite that far, you can always download e-reader apps onto your smart phone. The smaller cell phone screens make reading more difficult and the batteries won’t last as long, but they’ll do at a pinch.

Guide books can be handy resources for a visit to an unfamiliar location, but they can also weigh your bag down. We’re not suggesting ditching them entirely, but there are still ways to reduce your bulk. Consider downloading a digital copy onto laptop, smart phone, or that handy e-reader. Alternatively, you could take photocopies of the pages you’re interested in.

If you’re traveling to a chilly location, it can be tempting to pack all your woolly winter apparel. However some thick sweaters and a bulky jacket can quickly fill a suitcase. Instead wear a coat onto the plane and layer up your regular clothes during your stay.

Women, I’m looking at you: you do not need all those shoes. One smart pair of flats, and perhaps some trainers if you plan on hiking, is really all you need.

Pack for a week away rather than an entire vacation. No one wants to do chores while on vacation, but most of us can usually find a little time to do laundry. Just make sure you do it regularly to avoid the smelly backpacker stereotype!

And finally, consider what your accommodation will offer. If you’re staying at reputable hotels they’ll take care of toiletries, linen, corkscrews, and other essentials. Backpackers won’t enjoy so many perks, but many hostels still provide bedding. You might as well use these items rather than your own; you’re paying for them after all!

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