packing tips

The number one rule of backpacking is to travel light. However it’s important to grab the essentials before you set off on your frugal vacation. In this article we look at the items that should be in every backpacker’s knapsack. The first item on any backpacker’s luggage list must be the backpack itself. Ensure that […]

Whether you’re a backpacker keen to ensure you’re not weighed down, or simply a frugal traveller anxious to avoid those sneaky excess baggage fees, you’ll need to learn how to travel light. This article offers a few handy tips for cutting down your cargo. Reading is a great way to pass time on a lengthy […]

The daily grind is getting you down, and another weekend at home seems like little respite. You’d take a vacation, but your bank balance won’t stretch to a hotel. And so you begin to consider something you thought you never would: a camping trip. While the thought of inclement weather, too many baked beans, and […]