Seven Ways to Enjoy Meaningful Vacations on the Cheap

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Saving money on vacation doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the experience. Read on to discover ways you can conserve your finances and enjoy an enriching trip.

1. Spend More Time in Fewer Locations
Many travelers want to cram as many locations as they can into their vacation, but this approach isn’t necessarily the most enjoyable, or the most economical. You won’t have time to really immerse yourself in your destinations, and you’ll spend a lot of money in transit. When you slow down and smell the roses you’ll start to shift from acting as a tourist to one of the locals. You’ll learn about a city’s true beauty. You might even earn a discount for staying in your accommodation longer!

2. Talk to the Locals
Talk is indeed cheap. In fact, it’s free! Chatting to the locals is one our guilty pleasures when we’re vacationing. It’s a great way to discover the best restaurants and other hidden gems. You might even make a new friend! Asking someone for their advice or directions is a great way to break the ice. If you’re traveling abroad, make an effort to learn a few key phrases too. Even if your pronunciation is off, the residents will respect your attempts!

3. Try the Local Food
Life is best lived when you get out of your comfort zone. You can have meals from global takeaway chains any old time. You’ll save money, and perhaps even discover a new favorite, if you eat the local cuisine. What you’ll find on the tourist strip is likely to be a watered down, tourist-pleasing version, so make sure you dine a couple of streets away from the main drag. Street food from local markets and vendor carts is another great option. These affordable dishes are cooked right in front of you, so they’re always fresh and delicious.

4. Get Up Early
Many of us feel that sleeping in is part of a vacation, but when you do you’re not getting bang for your buck. Becoming an early riser ensures you make the most of your time away. You’ll get the jump on the other tourists and enjoy your destination without the crowds. Gentle early morning light is ideal for travel photography, and a sunrise is always a little more beautiful than a sunset!

5. Walk Your Way Around a City
You can miss so much en route to tourist attractions and other local sites. Setting out on foot ensures you don’t miss the pieces in between. It’s a great way to absorb a city’s atmosphere, find new places to explore, and it’s always free! We love to set out without a plan and see where our legs take us.

6. Travel Light
Traveling light doesn’t just help you avoid excess baggage fees. It also allows you to travel without feeling weighed down. It’s liberating! When you save some space in your suitcase, you’ll also have room for a few affordable souvenirs and gifts for family and friends back home.

Tourists7. Make it a Working Vacation
A working vacation allows you to stay in your destination longer and really become a part of the community. You’ll get to know the locals and their culture, and you might even some learn some new skills you can use later in life. Making a wage doesn’t just give you the luxury of time. It also frees up a bit more cash so you can feel more comfortable making the occasional splurge.

As you can see, traveling frugally isn’t just for misers. It’s also for tourists who want to get the most from their vacations.

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