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Taking a frugal vacation doesn’t mean you need to face another boring, bland hostel. Read on to discover some of the weirdest and most wonderful backpackers’ stays on the planet. ArkaBarka Floating Hostel in Belgrade, Serbia Backpackers can’t ask for better water views than those offered by the ArkaBarka Floating Hotel in Belgrade. This unusual […]

Once associated with sleazy extramarital affairs and one night stands, Japan’s love hotels have a brand new reputation. These days the Asian country’s approximately 30, 000 hotels are being utilized by couples simply looking for a little private time together. Many of the couples that frequent these hotels live with their parents or flatmates, and […]

Those Kiwis are a funny lot. Rather than bemoaning the plight of the old woman who lived in a shoe, they clearly thought it was a good idea! And so they erected The Boot Bed and Breakfast, one of the quirkiest places to stay in New Zealand. You’ll find The Boot Bed and Breakfast in […]

After sipping on the big earthy shirazes of Australia’s Barossa Valley, you might feel a little closer to God. But the wines aren’t the only heavenly aspect of a South Australian stay. The area is also home to The Kirche, a former Lutheran church now restored for weary travelers at Charles Melton Wines. The Kirche […]

The Imperial Boat House isn’t just one of the most unique hotels in Thailand. It’s actually one of the most unusual in Asia. This five-star resort, located in tropical Koh Samui, gets its name from the old rice barges which have been converted into private two-storey bungalows. The boats are now moored on land, but […]

The treehouses of Vythiri Resort in North Kerala, India, capture the magic of childhood for the environmentally conscious world. The resort has two treehouses in 500 acres of private forest. The rustic elevated dwellings have two stories, with each floor housing a double room. Each has a bedroom, a bathroom, and a terrace which allows […]